You may not be ready yet. And that's okay 💗

You won't be ready to take a break from alcohol until your desire for growth outweighs avoiding temporary discomfort. You might not be ready yet. And that's okay. Until your hunger for growth truly outweighs avoiding that sting of temporary discomfort, you might not be ready to press pause on the booze.

But here's the thing, doing the work to cut back on our drinking only feels uncomfortable for so long.

My daughter, Ella, used to get intense growing pains when she was little. I used to crawl into bed with her and massage her legs while she cried. "I know it hurts", I would say. "It just means you're growing."

I think about those nights while I am coaching clients through their alcohol-free firsts. Ever felt that awkward, stomach-flipping ache standing at a party without your usual drink in hand? It's hard. It feels weird. But trust me, once you’ve done it a couple of times, not only does it get easier, but along the way you find it more fun socialising without booze.

So here's what I want to ask you today, babe.

Is the status quo working for you?

Is it time to prioritize your growth, your health and your relationships over the temporary discomfort of overcoming wine cravings?

Is up to you. You ALWAYS have a choice. But remember, true transformation happens outside your comfort zone.