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Bespoke Sobriety Coaching

I help women take back control of alcohol, using grace, compassion & a sprinkle of science. 

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It's 6PM. You're exhausted. Your kids are driving you bananas.  

You swore off wine this morning, but right now, it seems like the answer to all of your problems. You can start your detox tomorrow….. 

Sound familiar?! 

In this FREE 30 minute video I will give you expert tips and tactics on how to overcome a wine craving. 

I'm so glad you're here! 

I would love to help you find freedom from alcohol without having to use willpower...

Bespoke Coaching

1:1 and Group Coaching

Are you ready to take a break from alcohol and see if life just might be SO much better without it?

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The Book: Pre-Order Your Copy Today! 

Love Life Sober, A 40-Day Alcohol Fast To Rediscover Your Joy, Improve Your Health, and Renew Your Mind

A 40-day, alcohol-free journey to reset drinking habits, reconnect with yourself, and strengthen your relationship with Jesus.


The Podcast & BJDW Community

"But Jesus Drank Wine & Other Stories That Kept Us Stuck"

Have you listened yet? Join us as we discuss your frequently asked questions about living alcohol-free and beyond. Join our sisterhood of listeners in the BJDW community.

hi babe!

I'm Christy

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Discover the life you're longing for! 

On Instagram, it looked like I had it all. The loving husband, two kids, a successful blog, and the ex-pat life of dreams in London. But what the glossy photos didn't show was how lost I was. I knew something was missing. I knew I was meant for more. The first step in that discovery journey had to be getting back in control of wine.



"If it doesn't feel a little bit like dying, it might not be the go...

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My "One Day at a Time" VS the AA "One Day At a Time"

Do You Feel Stuck Inbetween Drinking & Not Wanting To Drink?

I've Been There. 

I would start thinking about the wine on my way to school pick-up at 4 PM. Perhaps it was one of those days that I had sworn it off when I woke up, or maybe it was one of those days that I had already admitted defeat. It was the ultimate reward for being a mom.

I felt that I deserved those glasses of wine for all of my hard work. I wanted that instant relief, that moment where it feels like your shoulders come out of your ears, and you can just... breathe.

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