Wine became the only thing that brought me joy.

Yes, you get a 30-minute high with a glass of wine. I've started calling it the dopamine smack, it's a big hit of fleeting euphoria caused by an artificial level of dopamine. As soon as the smack is over, your body goes into overdrive, trying to bring you back down to homeostasis by dumping a bunch of downer chemicals in your system. 

Why is this important? Because when you're living your life chasing the dopamine smack, neurochemically speaking, you can't find joy in the day-to-day. Your brain becomes accustomed to getting that massive artificial hit, so nothing else feels quite as good. 

Nothing. That means your daughter's dance recital, your son's baseball game, or a phone call with your best friend. You wind up needing wine to feel happy. To feel joy.

I know, it happened to me. 

Alcohol became the only thing that brought me happiness. 

When I stopped drinking, I found joy in the day-to-day again. After my neurochemistry recalibrated, I no longer craved the dopamine smack because I had plenty of joy. I no longer needed artificial enhancements to feel happy. The happiness I once sought in booze was replaced by a more profound, more enduring, and unquestionably authentic sense of contentment.

The moment you take your first sip of morning coffee or the chuckle you share with your kids while having a dance party around the kitchen island. That, my beautiful friend, is everyday bliss, no wine necessary! 🍷❌

You see, once you start unearthing these gems, the desire for that dopamine smack from wine starts to dwindle. Why? Because you're finding real, pure satisfaction in moments that were always there, just waiting to be appreciated.


And if those moments are not readily apparent to you, then it might be time to start designing a life that brings you joy without wine. I know someone who can help you with that.