What Does Believing In Santa & Believing in Wine Have in Common?!

What Does Believing In Santa & Believing in Wine Have in Common?!

It HURTS to learn the TRUTH.

This is the first year where both of my kiddos know that mom & dad are the ones hiding the presents under the tree on Christmas Eve. Yes, I'll admit it feels like we've lost a bit of the magic, but I realised yesterday that watching my children learn the truth about Santa is similar to finding out that wine is not a magical cure-all. It stings.

When I learned the truth about wine, I felt angry and sad. I felt like I had been lied to. When I researched the science behind how wine was getting me hooked and increasing my stress levels, I kicked and screamed! I had been duped! I may have shed a tear or two when I learned that wine was ruining my sleep, just like my kids did when they learned that reindeer don't really fly.

But here's the encouraging part. Learning TRUTH means you can change your BELIEFS. If you believe that alcohol is helping you destress, cope, sleep, and have fun, then I encourage you to see whether these beliefs are true. I'm not going to tell you whether they are or not- I want you to do your research and experiment for yourself.

The truth is that moms and dads love their kiddos so much that they spend years trying to create a magical Christmas for them (which is a much nicer motive than the one Big Alcohol has, but that's for another post.) But the truth just might be that wine is not helping you achieve the things you're drinking it for.

BUT, just because there is no Santa doesn't mean there are no Christmas gifts or magic. And just because you've discovered the truth about wine doesn't mean you can't have everything you thought the wine was giving you. You get to learn different strategies. It's all part of growing up.

I know this stuff isn't easy. TRUST me, I know. But is it time to put on your big girl pants and find out the truth?