We Get To Teach Our Children The Most Meaningful Lesson

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This week my daughter wrapped up her final year at her primary school here in London. She's moving from a wonderful school, which is around the corner from our house, to an all girls school a bit further from home.

Last week I stood out in front of the house and watched her and her brother walk home around the corner together. I pulled out my phone to capture what would be one of the last times that they ever walk home from school together. I've been emotional and teary on and off all week thinking about how fast the last 8 years went of her at that school, and yes there is still a bit of sadness when I look back through old photos and videos and realise I wasn't fully present for some of it.

I've had many clients express similar thoughts to me, regret, shame and sadness for drinking away years of their children's lives. Together, we work on forgiving ourselves. If you're struggling with the same feeling let me encourage you like I would myself and my clients.

First, I believe I had to have every single experience I did to get to the point where I was fed up with my drinking and wanted a real change. If it wasn't for my exact path, I wouldn't be where I was today.

Second, because of our experience we get to teach our children the most meaningful lesson- that we can do hard things. We can tell them how alcohol is addictive and it had a hold on us, but that we worked at it and overcame. I'm really proud that I get to teach my kid's this lesson.

And finally, I believe God always has a plan. He always has and He always will. He knows you feel sad about missing those kid milestones, but what He has in store for you is life-changing.

Together, let's forgive ourselves and celebrate doing hard things!

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