Stuck Between a Rock & A Hard Place

I used to feel totally stuck between two really hard, miserable places. A rock, and a hard place, if you will. 
The first place was drinking too much, knowing that I didn't want to feel awful in the morning but continuing to drink the second and third and fourth glass of wine. It was a horrible place to be so when I got fed up of feeling really awful I tried to moderate. 
Moderating was the second place. And for me, that was miserable too. I tried to create rules for myself, like I would only drink on the weekends, or I would only have one glass of wine with dinner. I would use all of my strength and willpower to stick to those rules, and when I couldn't do it I felt like a total failure. 
I was stuck between drinking too much and trying to drink less. Both places made me experience deep pain and regret. I felt like I was wasting my life away trying to find some sort of solution to being able to drink this liquid that everyone told me was going to make my life better. 
And you know what happened when I felt shame and regret about either drinking too much or not being able to drink less- I DRANK MORE because I wanted to dull that pain and shame. 
Sound familiar? 
Drinking too much and trying to cut back wasn't working for me anymore. I had to find a third option. I had to find a way of getting unstuck between these two miserable places. 
That's when I found Annie Grace and This Naked Mind. I challenged my beliefs about alcohol and I figured out what was really true for me. The main thing I found out was that both drinking too much AND trying to moderate was not serving me, and that actually I felt so much better when I cut wine out of my life altogether. 
If that third option sounds scary to you, TRUST ME WHEN I SAY THIS, I get it.100% get it. But the way out actually doesn't have to be hard. (You know there's this stereotype, right, that people that don't drink are deprived and miserable. I am here to tell you, that is a lie.)
But this third way, this way out, is all about the HOW! This way out is actually not scary at all. It's totally empowering. It's life changing. It's euphoric. It allows you to feel more joyful than you do right now. This way out gives you rest and energy and connection. This way out is so much better than those two miserable places you may be stuck between, and in it, there is total and complete FREEDOM. 
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If I can do it. You can do it.