Struggling with frequent alcohol cravings? Try this.


  • Grab an ice cube out of the freezer and hold it in one hand for a few moments, feeling a slight discomfort.
  • Respond in your usual way, and set the ice cube down when the sensation becomes too much to bear.
  • Take note of how long you were able to hold it. 
  • Now, take the ice cube and hold it in your opposite hand for a similar amount of time. 
  • This round, try to fully experience the discomfort without resisting it. Allow yourself to feel the cold, the tingling, and even the burning sensation.
  • Once the feeling becomes intolerable, set the ice cube down and observe how long you were able to hold it this time.


Pain + Resistance = Suffering


When you're in the middle of an alcohol craving, it feels like it will never end until you have a drink. A whole lot of resistance comes up-, usually in the form of shame and beating yourself up for having the craving in the first place. 


We bump up against the craving fight it; we tell it to go away, and blame ourselves for having the craving in the first place. "Why can't you just be normal????" 


The key here is to replace the resistance, the blame and the shame with curiosity and self-compassion. Instead of fighting the craving, welcome it in and start asking grace-filled and compassion-led questions. 


Questions like... 

"What job am I giving to the alcohol right now?"


"What do I really need? Is it food, a nap, or a chat with my bestie because I feel lonely? Is it a bath? Is it a walk? What am I searching for?" 


When we take time to ask these questions, we begin creating space between ourselves and the craving, and then slowly, even though it doesn't feel like it at first, it disappears. 


What you resist will persist. 


But what you welcome with self-compassion and curiosity can help you learn that you, my beautiful friend, can do really hard things. 


You're more resilient and capable than you might think. Take that craving and turn it into an opportunity for deeper self-understanding. 💪 


You'll be amazed at how transformative a shift in mindset can be. This takes conscious work and practice.


You might find that the craving fades faster when it's met with compassion and curiosity instead of judgment and resistance. 💖