Still stuck between sobriety and moderation?

Are you desperate to experience the abundance of sobriety but still have one foot in the moderation quicksand?


When we're constantly setting rules or trying to moderate, we're not really tasting the richness and abundance of being a non-drinker. 


We're stuck in a tug of war, pulled between our desire to drink (because we assume alcohol somehow benefits us) and our desire not to drink (because we know it's best for us.) 


But freedom comes when we finally drop the rope! 


It's a deep, soulful release that opens up a world of bright mornings, clearer thoughts, and abundant energy. It's a world where we find we're capable of real joy in the day-to-day and genuine connection without a glass in hand. 🙌


If you have one foot in and one foot out, you'll never experience all of the incredible benefits of living an alcohol-free life. 


That's why I ask my clients to make a firm decision for an agreed-upon amount of time that feels achievable. It takes the alcohol option off the table, thereby eliminating decision-making fatigue. 


We never have to say forever. 

We don't have to think about that birthday, vacation or upcoming holiday. 

I want you to focus on today. 

Feeling better today! 


When you decide to live alcohol-free, you unlock an incredible joy often clouded by the should-I-shouldn't-I battles of moderation. 


So let go of the rope, let go of the rules. Step into the magic of an alcohol-free life, at least for a little bit.  I promise you won't regret it. You can always go back to booze. 


You'll never know until you try. 😊💕