Peace can feel like boredom if you've become accustomed to chaos.

​​"I go a few days alcohol-free, and then I get bored, and I just go back to drinking," a client said recently. 


I felt her words in my bones. I responded, "But what if boredom is actually peace? And what if the fun you're scared of missing out on is, in reality, just comfortable chaos?" 


I related so much to her because I, too, was petrified of living a life full of FOMO. I couldn't picture an existence that didn't involve dining in the best restaurants in London, wearing a beautiful dress, and dancing until sunrise. 


Until I realised that I was painting a warped picture of what drinking life had become. My Instagram-worthy life was a smokescreen, hiding a messy reality. What seemed glamorous became a stumbling race from hangover to hangover, counting down to my next liquid 'escape.' It cost me more than headaches. It cost my patience, peace, and precious moments with my kiddos. 


It wasn't until I changed my perspective that I realised I was sacrificing my own peace for living in a constant state of comfortable chaos. 


You may think that life can not be fun or chic -you fill in the blank- without alcohol, but can I encourage you today, my friend? You will never, ever know until you try. 


If you're worried you'll miss the fun, I encourage you to ask yourself- are you really having fun? 


If you're worried that life without alcohol might be boring, I encourage you to ask yourself, what if boredom is the peace your heart desperately desires? 


Two little words that might change everything for you- 


What. If ? 


Life on the other side of alcohol could, like it did for me, exceed your wildest dreams. And the other side of FOMO, you may find peace.