Once You Lose the Desire, there is NO More Temptation

christy osborne lose the desire to drink love life sober sobriety coach this naked mind Jun 30, 2022

I'm coming at you today with a BIG encouraging message. Once you tackle your drinking with a mindset shift, it's not actual work anymore to control your desire to drink.

You see, the way to change our behaviour (drinking) has nothing to do with desperately trying to control our actions- it starts with our thoughts. It starts with what we believe to be true about alcohol and how it makes us feel.

If you believe that alcohol helps you relax - then that belief, which has been burned in your subconscious over years and years, will always lead to you drinking the glass of wine at night. Because it doesn't matter how many drinking health risks I give you, you can read them, and understand them, but if you still believe, even with one little iota of your subconscious that wine helps you relax, you're going to drink it.

It starts with a MINDSET SHIFT. Once that belief is turned upside down (because drinking actually scientifically does the opposite of relaxing you), then the desire to drink goes away. You experience this mindset shift when you take a break from alcohol and your brain begins to GATHER EVIDENCE to support a new belief, "drinking actually does ZERO to relax me! It does the opposite!"

Without the desire to drink- there is no temptation to drink!

What does this mean?! It means you can walk into any party/restaurant/bar/wedding/night club/whatever chalk full of booze, and have ZIP ZERO desire to drink it.

And that, ladies, is the MAGIC of this work I get to help you with!

So if you're worried that life alcohol-free is going to be a daily slog, an ongoing willpower battle, let me just encourage you- it's not that way for me, and it sure as heck doesn't have to be that way for you.

What if I told you that you could lose the desire to drink, start sleeping better than you EVER have, get your joy back, and find your purpose?!

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