My "One Day at a Time" VS the AA "One Day At a Time"

First off- whatever works for you, work it. Zero judgment.

But here's what works for me....

During the beginning part of my AF journey, "One day at a time" helped me not future-trip over upcoming parties, vacations, and events that I couldn't possibly imagine doing without booze.

I was also riding out physiological withdrawal and rewiring new neural pathways, so getting through each day in those early months was a struggle. I needed to take them one day at a time.

But now, over four years on -- I never think "one day at a time" because I have zero desire to drink alcohol. I don't crave it, and I don't want to drink it. I have found freedom from alcohol.

That's because I spent time bringing my subconscious beliefs about alcohol into the light with grace and compassion and began to hold those beliefs up to truth.

With lots of curiosity and experimentation, I found out that none of my beliefs about alcohol were true. Alcohol was no longer serving me.

Not drinking became a no-brainer because I was able to recognize it for what it truly was (an addictive drug) and how it made me feel (like poop).

I wanted to encourage you today, babe.

If you're in the beginning part of this journey, it does not have to feel like a battle forever.

You do not have to feel deprived.

You do not have to hang on to willpower for dear life for the rest of your life.

Has "one day at a time" helped you? Are you still using it?