Girls Night Out- women surrounding a dinner table at a restaurant

Maybe always means yes.

You're in the uber on the way to the restaurant. 

Girls. Night. Out. 


You vowed you were going to take this week off alcohol, but now, as you're en route with a fresh blowout and your favorite heels on, you wonder- "Should I or shouldn't I??"


In this moment, babe, making a firm decision helps. If you're going to make the decision to drink- that's totally your call. 


When you make this decision to have the cocktails, then at the same time, decide that you're going to learn something new about how alcohol affects you. Use it as a true growth point. What can you learn? Did alcohol help you connect with the girls? Did it make the evening more fun? Did you try to moderate? How did that work out? Zero judgment- just learning and growing. 


And if you shut the trap door and make the firm decision NOT to drink, then that's amazing. You'll get the opportunity to fully wash off that face of makeup, get a good night's sleep, and feel wonderful in the morning. Horray! 

But, if you decide, "Maybe I'll drink," then you will. And it won't feel good. 

Maybe always means yes. 

You'll likely wind up beating yourself up for not sticking to the goal, even though you hadn't fully committed anyway.

This shame keeps us further stuck, while grace and compassion help us grow on this path. 

So decide, babe. Either way, you'll drink and learn from it, or you won't drink and feel your best.

Make a firm decision before you head out on a night out and see how the freedom of having choice and autonomy over your drinking feels better than setting yourself up for perceived "failure." 

When was the last time "maybe" meant "yes" for you?