It Doesn't Have To Be About Counting Days

Is there a voice in your head saying you can't start an alcohol-free journey because you just know that you're not going to be able to be "perfect"? Are you delaying feeling better because you're afraid you won't be able to make it even 30 days without wine? I hear you, I want to explain why this method is different. 

I want you to get to a point where you don't desire alcohol. The goal isn't to feel like you are white knuckling your way through anything. I want to help get you to a place where this is easy and you feel free. 

In order to get there your brain has to log evidence up there that you don't need alcohol to....... fill in the blank. 

Have fun. 
Be social. 
Cope with kids. 
Slow down. 
Numb out.

You see, every human brain seeks three things 
1. To avoid pain. 
2. To seek pleasure and 
3. To prove itself right. 
In order to PROVE to your brain that you don't need alcohol for the reasons listed above, you need to gather data and have real life experience that alcohol isn't working to give you that desired effect. It sounds complicated, but it's actually really easy! 

What does this mean? It means you don't have to be perfect during a sobriety coaching relationship because we are going to LEARN so much data from the slip-ups, (we don't even call them that btw, we call them "data points") that are going to HELP you on this journey. 
Did you go a week or two without drinking, and then have a drink? Okay. Instead of going down a shame spiral, let's find out what we can learn from this to support you on your journey. 

For example, if you really believe that you need alcohol to have fun, and then you go out, drink, have a blackout and a horrible hangover, we get to come to the awareness together that maybe drinking isn't that fun. MAYBE it would be MORE fun to go out and connect with friends, remember the evening, and wake up feeling better. Maybe that would be more fun? 

Do you see how it's not about being perfect, like, at all? It's about awareness, learning, and growing!