It All Starts With That First Mocktail

I gave a client a simple homework assignment recently. This gorgeous lady was feeling really nervous about what her friends would say about her choosing not to drink. So, I told her to pick a trusted friend, one that she wouldn't feel judged by, that she knew she could be open and honest with, and simply go to dinner. Pick a restaurant, go to dinner, order a mocktail. See what happens.

The practice of sitting in a busy restaurant, the act of ordering a mocktail instead of a glass of wine, of chatting and connecting with someone in that kind of setting can be a really powerful first step.

You see our brain has been conditioned to believe that we need alcohol in order to be social. We believe that a dinner out at a restaurant has to involve wine otherwise, what's the point? I certainly believed those things to my core.

However, once I looked at the server and ordered something non-alcoholic, my brain now had evidence that it was possible. I slowly learned after months and months of practice that ALL OF IT was possible.

Parties. ☑️
Fancy restaurants. ☑️
Vacations. ☑️
Girls Night Out. ☑️
Girls Night In. ☑️
Christmas. ☑️
Concerts. ☑️

You name it. I slowly gathered evidence that not only were these things possible without alcohol, but they were better.

Are you stuck in your old beliefs that not drinking means no fun. Start with baby steps. I'll give YOU the same homework I gave my recent client- make a plan with your bestie or your husband and try a dinner out not drinking. See what happens. Get curious about it all. Is the conversation better, deeper? Did you enjoy the food more without wine? How does it feel to leave the restaurant sober and get a good sleep and wake up the next morning feeling refreshed- all of it, take note of all of it! Consider it an experiment!

Slowly you can untether these old beliefs and make new ones. That is the key to freedom.