IN THE PRESS: 10 Things You Need To Know About Mummy Wine Culture

Picture this: It’s 2020, and we’re all stuck in lockdown, juggling work, home-schooling and keeping our sanity intact. I’m scrolling through Instagram and see a Tropicana orange juice advert disguised as a post from Molly Sims. The post shows the model hiding in her bathroom, sipping on a mimosa. She’s having a #memoment, hiding from her kids, drinking champagne mixed with orange juice to get through the lockdown.

It was the first time I saw and recognised mummy wine culture messaging for what it was, a lie. After that, I couldn’t stop seeing it across social media, on gifts, baby onesies, baby bottles, greeting cards, and pretty much any advert aimed at mothers. In 2021, Good Housekeeping wrote that 67,000 “wine mom” products were available for sale on Etsy.

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