I Missed Out On So Much With My Kids

Yesterday morning, on a very stormy day here in London, Ella (the tween) wanted to bake. Carter, the 10-year-old, had basketball, so he and my husband left the house. The girls had the place to themselves to blast Midnights, the new Taylor Swift, and bake pumpkin bread. (Let me know if you want the recipe, it was delicious.) 
As I cracked the eggs over the mixing bowl, I thought, “ I am so glad I am here, present and not hungover.” I still think that thought quite a bit, especially when I am doing anything in the mornings. But yesterday, I had an even bigger revelation - “I am having the best time.” 
You see, I didn't think I was the type of mom that got up early on a weekend morning and baked with their daughter. I thought that activity was reserved for BETTER, higher-calibre moms. The type of moms that sat did art projects and played board games. 
I remember talking to a mom-friend once when our kids were little. We were chatting about how moms who got on the floor and played with their kids and moms who didn't. I was the mom that didn't. Did I love my children? With all of my heart. But I never had the energy to get on the floor. I never had the energy to bake on a Sunday morning. 
And yes, it was because I was a busy, exhausted mom who usually had a mild (or sometimes not-so-mild) hangover. But I realised this weekend that because I was so sleepy and hungover, I automatically thought I wouldn't like participating in so many things with my kids. I ruled out so much. I missed out on so much. 
There were so many opportunities on vacation to get off the sun lounger and build the sand castle, but I just wanted to drink my rosé in peace. There were so many Christmas mornings when I just wanted to nap instead of playing with the new toys. 
Can you relate? You're not alone. 
I realised that this weekend, I love DOING things with my children. And now, I am blessed with the time, energy and patience to do so. I don't have to miss out anymore! 
Are you sick and tired of missing out? I hear you, babe. Let me know by clicking the link below if you want to chat about it.