Here's the secret to alcohol-free success...

Start from a place of positive emotion.

What could you gain?

What could go right?

What part of your life could be dramatically improved if you opted out of drinking ethanol?

I know I know, thinking about starting an alcohol-freedom journey can seem like you're going to be living in a constant state of misery and missing out.

I thought so, too.

It's probably what took me so long to get started.

But what if, my beautiful friend, WHAT IF, instead of missing out, you're gaining everything?

I came across these numbers this morning while updating my website and am still surprised by them.

Not from the number of days of not drinking, I lost track of those when I found true freedom, but from the amount of time and money I've saved since I started this journey in 2020.

Have you been focusing on what you'd miss out on instead of what you could gain? (It's okay, I did that too.)

Because, for me, the dollars and hours are about so much more. It's about time with my children. It's about memories with my family. It's about using the one life God gave me to show up in the way He called me to.

Today, I encourage you, my beautiful friend, to think: what would be possible if you took a break from the booze?