Here are five reasons I don't drink on Thanksgiving...

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and while reaching for that glass of wine is tempting, let's talk about why it might not be the helping hand we think it is. 🍁🦃

Here are five reasons I don't drink on Thanksgiving...

1️⃣ Wine compounds stress, even though it feels like it's helping with it for a brief moment. Alcohol spikes our adrenaline and cortisol, making an anxiety-ridden holiday like Thanksgiving even more stressful.

2️⃣ Not drinking means I don't say things I don't mean anymore. Because alcohol disables the decision-making part of our brain and kills our inhibitions, I often felt guilt and shame about making comments or picking fights that I would never have done if I wasn't drinking.

3️⃣ They say that Turkey makes you sleepy, but it's alcohol that truly zaps your energy levels by stealing your REM sleep. I want to feel well-rested before and after a night with family.

4️⃣ Kids home from school + a hangover, no thanks.

5️⃣ Making lasting memories. Alcohol can blur memories. I prefer to stay present and cherish every moment with my family.

If you've never considered going alcohol-free for Thanksgiving, then I want to pose a critical question to you- "what would alcohol add to the evening?"

It may seem to relax you, or if you have a tricky family- make the evening more bearable, but the truth is, it's actually just making it more difficult for you to show up like you genuinely want to.

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