Growth Points

No one could hear me crying. The kids were asleep in their beds. Chris was still at the office. And I was lying at the bottom of the stairs, wondering if I had broken my nose or a tooth.

That was one of my most valuable growth points. More data in my arsenal -- that one glass of wine never stayed at one.

This is what I was doing to treat and reward myself? This is what I was doing to "relax?" It started not to make sense anymore.

That night got added to a long list of reasons why it was time to try life differently.

Ultimately, I got to the point where I had learned enough about what being a drinker felt like. I was ready to try something new.

Each week, as I talk to my clients, I am reminded that every growth point happens for a reason.

"What is a growth point, Christy?" A growth point is when you have a drink on your own unique journey to freedom from alcohol. It can mean having a considered, planned drink after a period of going AF OR can happen as an unplanned response to a deeply engrained neural pathway.

Either way. They teach us something.

Either way. We grow.

Before March 9, 2020, I had TONS of growth points.

I learned what multiple glasses of wine did to my sleep.

I learned what drinking all the time did to my work ethic.

To my values.

To my relationships.

If making alcohol small and irrelevant in your life is your desire, then you CAN do it. It just takes learning and growing.

If you're still drinking right now, you can still gather data to make the choice of whether or not you still want to continue.

You get to decide. You have a choice.

What's been your most valuable growth point so far?