Every time you fall, you're one step closer to freedom

Progress in sobriety is rarely linear for anyone and it can be a roller coaster of trying to quit, and failing. Guess what? That's okay! You're not alone. This is totally normal!

Can I encourage you right now if you've tried to quit drinking for what feels like the millionth time and it hasn't worked, keep going! Every single time you drink, after promising yourself that you wouldn't, ask yourself what you can LEARN from this experience. In coaching we call these instances "data points" not "slip ups" or "relapses", because we get to mine these instances for valuable data.

Using these instances to learn, and rewire the brain, WORKS. Can I tell you what DOESN'T WORK- beating yourself up. Think of this process like a baby learning to walk. He or she has to fall down tons of times in order to learn to walk. In fact, the baby has to fall down in order to strengthen the leg muscles they need to finally walk. When a baby keeps falling down over and over again we don't say - "You must have a problem!" We say "Good job little one, you can do it! Try again!"

Science has also shown us that shame decreases motivation to change our behaviour, so when you beat yourself up for drinking, you're actually making it harder on yourself.

Take each experience, each data point, & ask yourself what you can learn from it. What was the reason that you drank? Was there a trigger? How did you feel after the first drink? The third? The next morning? Do you want to keep feeling like this? Did alcohol solve the problem you went to it for? There is so much to learn!

If counting sober days in the beginning motivates you- great! But if it doesn't you don't have to. Remember take what works for you and leave the rest!

And each time you fall, get back up. Each fall has brought you closer to freedom.