Ep. 52 Navigating Regret and Shame: Transformative Reflections on Past Drinking Lives

In this episode, we are tackling a listener's question about dealing with the shame associated with looking back on past drinking experiences. We reflect on our own regrets from our drinking days and emphasize the importance of revisiting past regrets with curiosity and self-compassion. We both share how our relationship with Jesus transformed through forgiveness and grace.


We discuss the significance of acknowledging regrets, repentance, and seeking forgiveness. We chat about the role of faith in overcoming shame and regrets, and touch on the many biblical examples of individuals who made mistakes but were forgiven and used for greater purposes. Further we delve into the concept of repentance and its role in personal growth and transformation.


We also touch on the importance of bringing regrets into the light, allowing discomfort to inform personal growth, and finding freedom from alcohol to deepen our relationship with God. We chat about the impact of conditioning in a society that normalizes alcohol consumption and the freedom that comes from breaking free from such patterns.


We share our personal experiences related to the relief of “safety” after a night of drinking and  reflect on the impact of alcohol on the nervous system. And we highlight the neurological changes that occur when one brings regrets into the light and reframes them, creating new neural pathways. We also offer practical ways of meeting past regrets, such as praying for new vision, sharing regrets with trusted friends or professionals, and seeking support.

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