alcohol bottle showing enjoy responsibly

“Drink Responsibly" – makes zero sense

When we see a commercial on TV for a prescription drug, what does that ad consist of?! Disclaimers! As you're watching the advert for arthritis medicine of a grandfather playing with his grandson you hear the booming voice of "may cause shortness of breath, erectile disfunction, and even death."


There are disclaimers & warning labels on every over the counter and prescription drug out there and yet, you know what?! ALCOHOL KILLS MORE PEOPLE than all of those legal drugs AND all other illegal drugs COMBINED.


But what is the warning label/disclaimer on alcohol- "Drink responsibly."


How insane is that? Instead of telling you all the links to cancer, potential damage to your cardiovascular system, liver damage, and yes risk of death if you drink too much of it- it just says "hey it's your job to figure out how to drink this extremely addictive and toxic substance "responsibly" and if you don't then it's not the alcohol's fault, there must be something wrong with YOU.


Do you see how nuts this is?! This is the power of big alcohol. They have been lobbying for this disclaimer since the beginning. They've made us all feel like 1. there are normal drinkers or 2. people who can't drink responsibly. But as we spoke about in yesterday's post, alcohol is insanely addictive and one drink creates a physiological and mental craving for a second drink.


I want you to get really curious this week about alcohol advertising. You’ll realise the adverts are everywhere, and coming at us all the time, with inadequate information on what alcohol actually does to our physical and mental health.


This is all part of the reason we are conditioned to believe that if we can't just have one or two, there must be something wrong with us. And that's just BS.