Comparison Kills Curiosity, Especially When It Comes To Drinking

When I was drinking, I was constantly comparing myself to everyone who was drinking around me. I would see other moms seemingly drinking at much as me, and it would immediately undermine any question related to "am I drinking too much?" I would mentally compare myself to everyone- friends, school moms I didn't even know that well, women on social media, etc. "Certainly, I can't be drinking too much if so-and-so is drinking just as much as me!" 

Comparison kills curiosity, you guys. If we are constantly comparing our drinking to our friend's drinking or to that mom on social media that always seems to be having the best time, posting all around town with her cocktails, then we are never going to be able to ask ourselves the questions that can ultimately lead to transformation and growth. 

It's important to remember that we have no idea 1. what's going on in the head of that girl we are comparing ourselves to. Is she fixated on liberation rules? Is she drinking to cope or destress? 2. We have no idea what happens when that person gets home. Is she waking up at 3 AM? Do they beat themselves up in the morning about their hangover? Does she wish she could stop? We have no idea!

Can I encourage you today, my friend? 

Stop comparing yourself to others. Comparison kills curiosity. 

Ask yourself these questions instead-

Do you feel like you’re stuck, drinking more than you want to be drinking?

Is wine getting in the way of your relationships? 

Do you feel yourself moving further and further away from your values?

Is wine getting in the way of your sleep? Your energy levels? Your health?

If the answer to these questions is "yes" or even "maybe", then it's time to stop comparing yourself to others and focus on how you can transform your relationship with alcohol!