Coaching Tactic: Time Spent Drinking

How much time does drinking REALLY take up?

The "Time Spent Drinking" tactic is one that I love to do with my clients. The goal is to find out the percentage of your time you spend on booze. Here's how it works-

You've got 168 hours in one week. First off figure out how many hours of that you are awake. So if you sleep for 8 hours each night then you subtract out 56 hours.

168 (Total Hours) - 56 (Sleeping Hours) = 112

That means you have 112 waking hours. Now figure out how many of those house are spent drinking, thinking about drinking, and being hungover.

In my case when I did this exercise a few years back I was spending about 5-6 hours each day either drinking/thinking about drinking/or suffering from a hangover.

Take however many hours you spent drinking and thinking about drinking, divide it by your waking hours and multiply by 100 to get the percentage of waking hours spent on alcohol.

So mine goes-

35 Hours (Spent Drinking/Thinking About Drinking) divided by 112 (Waking Hours) = 0.31. Then you multiply this by 100 and you get 31%!

When I did this exercise it showed me that I was spending over 31% of my waking hours, 31% of my LIFE on alcohol. YIKES. 

How much time is alcohol REALLY taking up for you?

I have been able to accomplish more things that I am proud of in the last two years of my life then most of my drinking years combined, because I have TIME!

Isn't it about time, well, to stop wasting time?!