Ladies let's just be honest, if you have children the weekends no longer belong to you. While we may have grown up associating weekends with relaxation, the second you have children the idea of being able to sleep in or just veg out all weekend goes out the window.


I was speaking to a client this last week about how not having proper rest on the weekend made her frustrated and got her to a place where she was craving a glass of wine.

If you're feeling the same- that weekends or even the summer as a whole aren't your own anymore and you have zero downtime, can I encourage you today?


We may have to carve out our rest for ourselves at OTHER times. I talk a lot about designing a life that you love, and incorporating time to rest, I believe, is imperative in creating a day to day that you don't want to numb out from.


For example, I don't consider my weekends rest anymore. That doesn't mean they stress me out- I just know that weekends = kid time. I rest on Mondays. "Christy.....say whhhhhhat?" Yes, I rest on Mondays. I carve out time for myself every Monday morning. I do not take clients usually and normally the children have an activity or school on a Monday. I know that I have that time for myself, so not getting rest on the weekends doesn't send me batty.


I also go to bed when the kids go to bed, or just after. That rest is a non-negotiable to me. When I am tired during the day, I know that when push comes to shove, I can catch-up on my sleep that night. I know this can be difficult for moms with tinies- but it's all about structuring when you can give yourself a break.

Carve our rest for yourself. Design a life you don't want to escape from. Get curious and creative about how you can ensure you have time for yourself. All of this will help you so much when it comes to combating a wine craving because you're exhausted and feel like it's the only way to achieve "me time."