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But Jesus Drank Wine Ep. 64 Faithful Transitions: Navigating Growth, Friendship, Faith and Sobriety in Community

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of the But Jesus Drink Wine Community, born from the heartfelt requests of our valued listeners highlighting the need for connection with those who are following Jesus/those who are curious about Jesus and those on an alcohol-free journey. This conversation centers around some of the hardest, yet most rewarding growth “we get to do” on the sobriety journey and the importance of doing it alongside those traveling similar paths.


In this conversation, we first address the complex feelings of fitting in and the discomfort of outgrowing friendships. We emphasize the need to acknowledge and celebrate personal growth and the process of pruning in friendships. We also discuss the impact of FOMO and comparison on social media and the importance of exploring other possibilities beyond the “shoulds” with social invitations.

In this conversation, we’re also digging into how to navigate emotional charges and discomfort and Meade shares her tried-and-true P.E.A.C.E. method. We emphasize the need to consider other possibilities and not assume what others think. We also highlight the importance of not basing actions on others' opinions and allowing oneself to feel and explore different perspectives. The conversation explores the power of living differently and being the first to make a change. This episode concludes with a discussion on drawing near to God and engaging with the community.

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