But Jesus Drank Wine: Ep. 62 Retreat Recap: Nourishing Connections Beyond the Booze

Recently, we were both blessed with opps to attend two different retreats. Meade was a participant in a retreat with her coach, Bob Goff, at The Oaks Center. Christy hosted a retreat for alcohol-free ladies in the Cotswolds. Today’s convo has us reflecting and sharing all the details of both retreat experiences, each with its unique charm and kicks off with us highlighting the beauty of our locations and the transformative power of being in like-minded communities.


Christy, recounting her retreat, emphasizes the magical atmosphere created by a group of women free from alcohol. She muses about the depth of connections formed in the absence of alcohol that leads to vulnerable and meaningful conversations. Christy, highlighting the emotional impact of bidding farewell to newfound friends, punctuates the importance of cultivating authentic connections. Other highlights include the gorgeous grounds and location; the activities – who knew pilates could create so much laughter; the delectable eats prepared by a private chef; and the overall value of being in-person, in community.


Meade shares her experience from her retreat led by Bob Goff, an influential Christian author, speaker and coach. She expresses the joy of attending a retreat without the responsibilities of hosting or leading, allowing her to be present and practice “following;” something that doesn't come easily to leaders yet is necessary, ultimately, to leading well. Further, she reflects on the value of surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals who share similar values and aspirations. Sharing other key takeaways from the retreat, Meade, highlights the value of:

Being present and vulnerable

Considering who and what we allow to influence us

Dreaming big and setting intentions



Allowing others to love and care for you


Today’s convo centers on the experiences of two women on two different retreats with the common theme of connecting deeply when alcohol is not a part of the equation and it underscores the importance and transformative power of living aligned with how God created us to live – in community.

The book Meade mentioned:

Seven Primal Questions

The song Meade referenced:

Honey in the Rock by Brooke Ligertwood

The Psalm referenced: Psalm

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