"But Christy, what if I fail?"

I hear it almost every day, "But Christy, what if I fail?" I want to take a minute to encourage you and reframe this fear of failure.


You're afraid to fail when taking a break from alcohol because this matters to you. It's important. Often times when I am discussing the fear of failure with a client, the desire to find freedom from alcohol is wrapped up in wanting to be a better wife and a better mother.


It's about wanting MORE out of life. It's about regaining control and finding purpose. I would say that all of this stuff is pretty darn important, wouldn't you? You're afraid because you care. 


You can't be brave without fear first. Do you want to do something big and scary and counter-cultural? Awesome. That takes courage.  And Philippians 4:13 tells us we can do ALL (big, scary, counter-cultural things) through Christ, who gives us strength.


This is an incredible opportunity (probably one of the best ones you'll ever get) to be BRAVE and prove that you can do hard things! 


Adjust the goal. Can I tell you some really good news? You can't fail at this if the goal is for you to explore your relationship with alcohol so that you feel better. 


That exploration may mean that you have a few drinks here and there along the way while you learn how alcohol truly is making you feel. This journey looks different for each and every one of us. As long as you are growing and learning, even having a drink- YES! Even having a drink CAN be VALUABLE. 


Counting days, white-knuckling and hanging on to willpower for dear life so you don't have to drink sounds super scary and full of deprivation. We don't play with that kind of fear around here.


But your freedom journey does not have to be this way!