BJDW: How do I talk to my kids about alcohol? Special Guest: Annie Grace

We are so blessed to have our friend and mentor, Annie Grace, on this week's podcast. We asked our friends and clients the most poignant question on their minds right now to ask expert Annie, and the answer was clear. We, as moms, are desperate to learn more about how we talk to our kids about alcohol.

In this episode, Annie explains how our children want independence while we, as their mothers, are desperate for togetherness. We talk about balancing our desire to help support a better bond with our kids. We chat about how to learn to trust them and keep them talking.

We ask burning questions like, “How can we protect our children and give them their independence at the same time”?

And how do we realize when our child is coming to us just because they want to talk and be heard, and how do we know they need our help, as their mothers, in solving a problem, and when can we know it’s okay to intervene for them?

Finally, we talk about how our own struggles with alcohol can help shape our conversations with our children about this topic and how overcoming and finding freedom can help us be the best possible examples for our kiddos.

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