BJDW: Ep. 80 Finding Contentment in Christ | A Conversation with Michelle Myers



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In this insightful episode, Michelle Myers, co-founder of She Works His Way, delves into the significance of community and finding contentment in Christ. Michelle emphasizes that work is not confined to a job title; rather, it encompasses anything a believer does that requires effort. She underscores the importance of unity and love among believers, advocating for seeking God first and finding rest in Him. Sharing her personal journey of learning to be content, Michelle encourages listeners to make Jesus the focal point of their lives.


Michelle also introduces a practical approach to self-assessment and well-being through regular check-ins in four key areas: spiritual, physical, emotional, and relational. She presents a simple evaluation tool using the colors red, yellow, and green to help individuals gauge their status in each area. By asking specific questions, we can gain valuable insights into our overall well-being and pinpoint areas needing attention. Michelle highlights the necessity of prioritizing spiritual health and its influence on other aspects of our lives, while also stressing the value of vulnerability and community support during these evaluations.


Key Takeaways ~

Redefining Work: Understanding work as any effort a believer undertakes, not just a job title.

Community and Unity: Emphasizing the need for unity, love, and mutual support among believers.

Finding Rest in God: Encouraging the practice of seeking God first and resting in His presence.

Contentment in Christ: Sharing personal experiences of learning to be content with Jesus as the focus.

Self-Assessment Tool: Introducing a simple red, yellow, and green evaluation method to monitor well-being.

Four Key Areas: Regularly checking in on spiritual, physical, emotional, and relational health.

Spiritual Health Priority: Highlighting the impact of spiritual well-being on other areas of life.

Vulnerability and Support: Emphasizing the importance of community and vulnerability in personal growth.


Discussion Questions:

1. How can redefining work change your perspective on daily tasks and responsibilities?

2. In what ways can you cultivate unity and love within your community of believers?

3. What practices help you seek God first and find rest in Him amidst a busy life?

4. How can you implement the red, yellow, and green evaluation tool in your daily routine?

5. What steps can you take to prioritize your spiritual health and its impact on other areas of your life?

6. How can vulnerability and community support play a role in your self-assessment journey?


Tune in to hear Michelle Myers' profound insights and practical advice on fostering contentment, unity, and holistic well-being in your life.


To learn more about Michelle and her work, you can connect with her at: sheworkshisway.com




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