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BJDW: Ep 79 Healing What You Can’t Erase | Special Guest Christopher Cook

In today's episode, we're honored to host Christopher Cook, an author, coach, and pastor, who courageously shares his path of profound healing and transformation. His journey, shaped by the trauma of his mother's battle with cancer, her passing, and his own health diagnosis that deeply rattled him, offers profound insights into our capacity, through Christ, for resilience and renewal.

Christopher emphasizes the imperative of addressing the broken and crushed spirit, illuminating the path to heart transformation and renewal. He introduces us to the transformative SEED method—Secure, Examine, Expose, and Decide—a profound blueprint for renewing the mind and reclaiming one's inner peace and purpose.

Christopher highlights the significance of surrender as not merely capitulation, but a courageous act of yielding to a process of confrontation and metamorphosis. Anchoring ourselves to the vine, Jesus Christ, and daily surrendering to His divine guidance, Christopher underscores the profound power of fixing our focus on God as the compass guiding our journey of healing and restoration.

We also chat about the transformative power of vulnerability and community, inviting listeners to embrace daily actions and say yes to God's leading as they embark on their own journey of renewal. Ultimately, Christopher reminds us that the goal of transformation extends beyond personal happiness, aspiring instead to become agents of profound change and stewarding our lives for God's glory.

Come alongside us as we explore the transformative force of anchoring our gaze on God, guiding us toward healing from the marks of our past.


You can find Christopher Cook on Instagram @wintodaychris and buy his book, "Healing What You Can't Erase: Transform Your Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Health from the Inside Out,” right here on Amazon.



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