BJDW: Ep. 75 Embracing Suffering, Building Hope: Where Neuroscience and the Bible Intersect with Special Guest, Dr. Curt Thompson

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In this episode, we are honored and humbled to present our conversation with psychiatrist, speaker and author Dr. Curt Thompson. Known around BJDW as, “the teacher Meade is most-likely to reference on the podcast for the depth and breadth of the impact his work has had on her life,” Curt, connects our intrinsic desire to be known with the need to tell truer stories about ourselves — showing us how to form deep relationships, discover meaning and live integrated creative lives.


Join us for a profound exploration of the intersection between neuroscience and the biblical narrative as we delve into the human experience of suffering and the formation of durable hope. Our discussion begins with a reflection on the importance of naming and understanding suffering. We delve into the complexities of the human experience, acknowledging the difficulties of receiving love and mercy amidst pain. Curt emphasizes the transformative power of community in navigating suffering, highlighting the need to bring our whole selves into relationships for healing and growth.


Curt sheds light on the limitations of control and the unpredictability of influence in relationships, offering insights into the connection between anxiety and the fear of isolation. He invites us into the significance of being present in the body, providing practical strategies for shifting from a mind-centered approach to an embodied experience, thus fostering deeper connections and resilience.


Our conversation continues into the role of anger in the healing process, emphasizing the importance of expressing and releasing this emotion constructively. Finally, Curt delves into the concept of forming durable hope through suffering, illuminating how our experiences shape our anticipation of the future and our capacity to embrace life's challenges with resilience and faith.


Through a rich tapestry of neuroscience and biblical wisdom, our chat with Curt offers profound insights into the human condition, inviting listeners to embrace vulnerability, cultivate resilience, and discover enduring hope amidst life's trials.


You can learn more about Dr. Curt Thompson at www.curtthompsonmd.com, follow him on instagram @curtthompsonmd and get his newest book: The Deepest Place: Suffering And The Formation Of Hope. To learn more about the incredible work of Curt’s non-profit, The Center for Being Known, and to learn more about joining a Confessional Community, go to https://www.thecbk.org/


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