BJDW: Ep. 69 Drinking in Secret | Conversations on the Unseen Pour and Spiritual Growth

Today, we delve into the complex dynamics of secret drinking, shedding light on the underlying desires for relief and connection in the face of life’s demands. Together we share our experiences of feeling constantly needed by others yet yearning for moments of solace and self-reconnection. Through our reflections, we highlight the transformative power of curiosity and self-compassion in navigating the journey toward freedom from hidden struggles.

Meade vulnerably shares her struggle with constantly feeling needed by others, highlighting the desire for moments of solace and self-reconnection amidst the demands of motherhood, marriage, and friendship. Through her journey, she uncovers the underlying desire for relief from the pressures of everyday life and the tension of always being in demand.

Christy echoes Meade's sentiments, emphasizing the importance of recognizing the internal conflict and discomfort that often precede secret drinking. She shares personal experiences of navigating the urge to seek solace in alcohol, acknowledging the societal norms that sometimes trivialize or even glamorize such behavior.

Together, we challenge the stigma surrounding secret drinking and offer compassionate insights into the complexities of seeking relief and connection in unhealthy ways.


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