BJDW: Ep. 55 Pour Decisions: Navigating Alcohol In Moderation

Today we’re engaging in an open conversation about the pursuit of moderation along the freedom from alcohol journey. From the inherent challenges of moderation to uncovering the underlying fears that often propel the desire for moderation, and the things to consider if moderation is your desire, we cover it all here today.


But first, you won’t want to miss Christy's reflections from her fourth alcohol-free birthday weekend and Meade’s surprise revelations from an AFFT – alcohol-free first time – as a guest at a 100% booze-free Christmas party. Meade is well-seasoned at being a non-drinker at parties, but a party where no one is drinking?! That is a first!


The convo continues with a deep dive into the concept of moderation. Is moderation possible? What is moderation exactly? How do we know if moderation is achieved? We explore all of these necessary questions where moderation is the goal.


We also touch on the challenges of moderation due to alcohol's addictive nature. We tackle the underlying fears and conditioning that drive the desire for moderation. We stress the significance of tuning into the mental chatter to break free from conflicting thoughts about alcohol. We emphasize the importance of taking a mindful break from alcohol in order to understand its effects on our brains, bodies and minds in order to make informed decisions about moderation.


Lastly, this may be a tough question to consider but as followers of Jesus we have to bring all the grace and all the truth, right?


If moderation is something you’re wanting to achieve, is it possible that you want the change that comes from freedom from alcohol without having to actually change?


If so, you’ll be relieved to hear that you are not alone and we’re offering our unique perspective on this one.


As the conversation wraps up, stay tuned for an exciting January surprise, and mark your calendars for a special episode dropping on Christmas Day. This episode offers a thoughtful exploration of sobriety and moderation, providing valuable takeaways for those seeking to regain control of alcohol.


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