I was speaking with a client this week about how we hid our hungoverness at the school gates. "I didn't want to be THAT Mom, so I learned to hide it," she said. Oh how I could relate! And clearly, I was really good at it because the only reaction I got when I decided to declare myself alcohol-free was - "Omg, did you have a PROBLEM?" OR "But you weren't actually THAT BAD... were you?"

Nah, because I hid it. I didn't let anyone see how exhausted I was. I didn't let anyone know that I couldn't wait for the day to be over so I could just pour myself a glass of red wine and take the edge off again.

Was I shaking from alcohol withdrawal? No.
Did I have bags under my eyes the size of Texas? Yes.

So was I "that bad"?

I don't know?! What's "that bad?"

A girlfriend said to me once, "I make every single school run. I am on the PTA and never miss a gymnastics practice, so I think I'm good with my wine." She told me all this with a massive pair of Chanel sunglasses on her face, chewing a stick of gum right after telling me how exhausted she was. I knew exactly how she felt.

Are you hiding your hangovers like I was and justifying them to yourself because you're getting your mom-to-do list done?

Even if you're drinking a couple of nights a week, it's affecting your sleep, energy and stress levels. It may feel "not that bad". Sure, you can cover up the exhaustion, but what if you could feel so much better instead?

From one mom that hid and justified her hangovers to another, you're not alone. I did that too. And if I can encourage you with one thing today, I want to let you know there is a better way.