At some point “I’m just not drinking for today” became “why in the world would I ever drink again?”


"HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE, CHRISTY!" I've been on the receiving end of this question more times than I can count. However, my freedom timeline is going to be different than yours. 

I had to experience the first night out where I could laugh so much my face hurt, without drinking. 

I had to host the first party at my house and know that I could have a beautiful party, not drinking. 

I had to go on the first long-haul flight from London to LA and realise that flying without drinking makes all the difference. 

I had to go on that first vacation and realise it was better without margaritas. 

I had to heal from my mom's passing without constantly numbing myself.

I had to sing karaoke, dance on a table, fan-girl at a concert, sleep like a rock, ring in 4-0, enjoy my children on hard days, and find joy in the mundane. 


You'll have to have similar experiences, and I can't tell you how long it will take. But, I can tell you if you stick with this and begin to focus not on what you're missing out but on what you're gaining- that's when the fun begins. 


So while I can't tell you how long your freedom timeline will take or exactly what it will look like- why not start by reframing it as the most incredible journey of self-exploration you will ever do? 


One day it will finally click, babe. I'm here to celebrate with you when it does.