1. We hit a rock bottom. FALSE. Not every woman who has decided that alcohol no longer serves them has hit a rock bottom. Some of us just realised we were sick and tired of constantly feeling like rubbish. 


  1. We miss our old life. FALSE. Good memories that involved drinking stay in the past, but I no longer miss the chaos that was the life of alcohol-infused "fun." My priorities have changed; now, I value peace and connect with friends in new ways that make me feel good. 


  1. We judge other moms who are drinking. FALSE. Alcohol is the most societally accepted coping mechanism for mothers everywhere. But just because everyone drinks doesn't mean it's the best choice for everyone. Whether it's for rest, relaxing, or having fun- I don't judge any mom out there for drinking. Everyone gets to decide whether alcohol is holding them back or not. 


  1. Our lives are boring without booze. FALSE. As someone who has danced on tables, travelled a ton, sung karaoke, played in paddle tournaments, gone to concerts, and celebrated 40th birthday parties, all sober, I can tell you that my life is far from boring. On the contrary, when I was drinking and spent days hungover, that was actually quite boring. 


  1. We can't be around alcohol. FALSE. I have found freedom from alcohol by realising that there is no benefit to drinking. I have ZERO desire to drink.  I can walk into a party full of champagne and happily ask for sparkling water because I realise that alcohol doesn't make me feel good, I have no reason to drink it. 


What did I miss, babe? Are there misconceptions you've encountered from being a non-drinker? Ide love to connect and hear more! x