3 Things I've Learned About The Moderation Unicorns

Let's talk about the moderation unicorns. That one girlfriend of yours that can have 1 or 2 drinks max and seemingly can take it or leave it. Do you fixate on her? Do you wonder why you can't do what she's doing?

I did this, I have a girlfriend, let's call her Suzie, that can take or leave a drink. I never understood how she could do this, and so, I asked her. My conversation with her, coupled with my own research has taught me the following 3 thinks about the moderation unicorns- 

1. 🦄 The moderation unicorns never loved alcohol like you and I loved alcohol. They never saw the benefit that you and I did, and so the pull for them to drink isn't the same. They don't use alcohol to cope, to unwind, to relax to the extent that we do. Sure maybe they use one glass to celebrate or relax, but it stops at one because they know that it's not furthering that goal. They are not trying to moderate because they are free from the pull to drink because to them there isn't a huge benefit. "But why can't you and I stop at one, Christy?" that takes me to point 2.

2. 🦄 Anyone can get addicted to a highly addictive substance. The actual hard core factual science says that ANYONE can get addicted to alcohol if they drink it often. Your moderation unicorn friend just hasn't gone down that road where they are hooked. yet!

3. 🦄 We don't know what's in their head. This is important. My friend Suzie could take it or leave it because she really didn't enjoy the effects of it. BUT, there are also women out there that LOOK LIKE they can take it or leave it but behind the scenes, in that pretty head, the wheels are spinning- the fixation is in full force, and they are doing everything they can to stick to the two drinks. Exhausting much?

The moderation game may look easy for that one friend of yours but can you let her drinking go for a minute and ask yourself - "is the moderation game working FOR ME?" 💖
Instead of constantly comparing yourself to that one friend, ask yourself these more helpful questions--- 
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