3 Things I'm saying "no" to this HOLIDAY SEASON

"I'm just not taking that on."

Last week, in one of my group coaching calls, we discussed boundaries, how to protect our energy, and what to say "no" to as we approach the upcoming holiday season.

One gal said, "I've found a new way to say this that works well for me, I just say, 'I'm just not taking that on'."


Here's what I decided not to take on this year...

1. Christmas cards. Every year for the past 15 years, I've sent a photo holiday card. This year, no one could decide on a photo they liked, and our schedules have been too busy to organise a photoshoot (an event that no one in this family even enjoys doing anyway). It's also a fortune to send over 200 cards to US addresses, so I'm taking it off my plate this year.

2. Christmas Class Drinks. I say "no" to parties, which involve small talk with lots of people I am not close with. I find it incredibly draining, and I don't enjoy it. I used to drink to "get through" nights like these. Now, I say, "Thanks for the invite; I'm unavailable."

3. Long haul flights. I've been an expat for a long time, and this will be my second time waking up in my bed on Christmas morning. I adore my and Chris's family, but I am so excited that we get to be celebrate in our home this year. Travelling back to California or Florida is long and hard. This year, I am excited to stay cosy in London and make memories with my kiddos at home.

Give yourself permission to say no, take that thing off your plate, and think twice before you RSVP yes to a party that feels like an obligation.