I Have A Confession To Make

I have a confession to make. When it comes to the messaging that you need alcohol to have fun, I was a part of the problem. You see, before I started doing the coaching thing, I had a blog. This was back when blogs were a big thing, you guys. We're talking 2010 vibes. The blog was called "American Girl in Chelsea" and it was a how-to guide for women relocating from the USA to the UK. I grew a bit of a following and was offered free meals at awesome restaurants all around London and even sent on several free vacations- all from companies trying to capture the american ladies attention. What I was doing back in those days was A TON of taking photos of fancy cocktails. There was lots of posing with a champagne flute in a beautiful pool somewhere in the med.
I was reminded of this yesterday when I was coaching a client. She mentioned how she felt it wasn't fair that all of her friends could drink, and make it look so glamorous, and she "couldn't."
So then I made this confession to her. I said- "I was part of that problem. I posed with the glass, but inside my heart- I was so unhappy. When we see the photo of the cocktail on the beach, we have no idea what's behind that. What that woman's morning looks like. How her relationships are holding up. How she is TRULY feeling."
I think we as women, do ourselves a dis-service when we glamourise alcohol. It's almost like how we don't tell each other how difficult pregnancy is or the newborn stage. (If you loved being pregnant, I honestly think you may be a unicorn…. just kidding!) 
My point is- we have no idea what's going on in someone else's life- or how alcohol is TRULY affecting them based on what we see from the outside.
It make LOOK glamorous and fun, but they could really be struggling with it, you just never know. We will never know what's going on in, for real, in other woman's lives- so it's best not to assume that because someone else is making drinking look fun, that is really is! Take this one from me!