The Love Life Sober 30 Day Booze Break


Let's take a 30 Day Booze Break TOGETHER!


This alcohol break is going to be different than any other time you've done it. Instead of locking the booze away, ignoring it and using all of your willpower to get through the next 30 days, we are going to closely examine your relationship with alcohol so you are ready to adopt healthier drinking habits!

Why do you pour a glass of wine at the end of the day? What are you looking for at the bottom of that cabernet? Maybe you've never asked yourself these questions before, but asking questions, and getting curious about alcohol is the key to freedom from it, and making a 30 day break easier than ever before!

You don't have to do this course with the intent of quitting forever. Think of this 30 day break as an experiment to really dive deep into how you feel with and without the alcohol. (Spoiler alert- you're going to feel SO amazing, and learn so much in the next 30 days!!)

I've been where you are now. I used to drink wine every night at home, and then more when I was on a night out. But I was always tired, never had quite enough patience with my kids, and constantly felt like I was treading water.

Then I found This Naked Mind, examined my relationship with alcohol, and it changed my life forever.

Are you ready to feel better, have more energy with your kids, and feel the best you’ve ever felt, like ever?! 

Have you tried a break from alcohol before and always gone right back to your unhealthy drinking habits? 

Do you reach for a glass of wine to cope with your children, or to treat yourself after a long day, but end up feeling awful the next morning?

Are you sick of making promises to yourself, that you’ll only have one glass each night, only to end up finishing the bottle? 


Are you ready to kiss hangovers goodbye, and say hello to clearer skin, better fitting jeans and a TON of energy?! 

Do you want to have a better relationship with alcohol, and not have it take up so much space in your brain? 

I know this sounds too good to be true, but I can promise you that taking a break from alcohol while doing this course is a total game changer


Daily Lessons

Each day a new lesson will be made available, including videos from Christy, tactics, recommended reading, and journaling prompts.

I've taken everything I have learned and put it in easy to follow daily lessons to help support your 30 day booze break.

Bespoke Coaching

What if took the money you normally spend on alcohol, just for one month, and instead invested in your health?

To book this option please email [email protected] to set up a discovery call.

Real Mom Testimonial:

Christy is a wonderful listener, teacher and guide. Her warm approach put me at ease where I was able to open up and share all of my doubts, struggles and insecurities, without ever feeling shame or judged. “Me too babe“…was her mantra. 

Surprisingly this process way fun! Christy and I enjoyed many laughs and much joy as we celebrated my breakthroughs and newly sober experiences. 

Having a one-on-one coach through the early weeks of my journey was vital to my “success”. I am forever grateful! 


The 30 Day Booze Break:

What's included:

Daily video and written lessons from Christy to do at your own pace in the comfort of your home.

Journaling Prompts

Easy to implement tactics

Recommended reading and podcasts to dive deeper into the material

The VIP Coaching Package

What's included:

All of the daily video and written lessons from Christy to do at your own pace in the comfort of your home.

Journaling Prompts

Easy to implement tactics

Recommended reading and podcasts to dive deeper into the material

Daily support via the Voxer messaging platform

4 Bespoke, One-Hour Coaching Zoom Calls with Christy.

(This is where the magic happens!)

Real Mom Testimonial:


I didn’t identify myself as an alcoholic - I felt I was able to function in my life fairly well with alcohol. However after a tough couple of years I was definitely feeling like it was too big a part of my life. I started dreading social situations because I was so worried about the hangover the next day. I felt like I was a less present mother and I didn’t want that anymore. On one particularly bad hangover I messaged Christy, I said that I think I needed to give up alcohol, but also that I didn’t want to. 

She was awesome, straight away she had my back ‘let’s do this!’ We planned a day to start and off we went. Once we got going I found the science behind drinking absolutely fascinating, what is happening chemically to your body from that first glass. It made me feel powerful that these feelings I was experiencing weren’t my own weakness’, but an actual chemical reaction to an addictive substance. I loved having the mental head space to put towards the rest of my life instead of worrying about how much I was drinking. 

Oh and I need to mention the sleep - AMAZING! I learned from Christy that I had been only getting about two hours of quality sleep per night when drinking. After a week of being alcohol free I had so much more energy, less anxiety, and feeling so much more like myself. 

Christy was a huge support, she helped me plan my first girls night and how to approach my no drinking with friends. The whole process was actually extremely enjoyable! I felt I could really talk to Christy about my worries and anxieties without judgement, she was right there with me full of positivity, and also with very relatable experiences. 

After my 30 days I really feel that the phrase ‘it’s not about never drinking again it’s about not having to’ really sums it up for me, what freedom

Thank you Christy!